HitTrax at The Factory

HitTrax at The Factory


HitTrax at The Factory 

Baseball’s first and only indoor data capture & simulation system.

HitTrax provides the powerful combination of performance metrics with a game time experience. Using patented technology, HitTrax is revolutionizing the baseball industry by greatly enhancing training capabilities and engaging players like never before.

  • Baseball and Softball
  • Live Pitching, Pitching Machines, Soft Toss or Batting Tee
  • 110+ mph measurements
  • Adapts to All Skill Levels
  • +/- 1 mph accuracy

Services w/Hit Trax at The Factory

More Data. Better Training. Improved Performance

  • Private & Group Lessons
  • Clinic’s
  • Evaluations
  • And more…

Know Your Strengths. Identify your weaknesses.


  • Exit Velocity
  • Distance of Hit
  • Launch Angle/elevation
  • Strike zone analysis
  • Spray Charts
  • Hard Hit Average
  • BA,SLG, & OPS
  • Diamond Kinetics Swing Tracker Integration


  • Pitch Velocity
  • Pitch Location
  • Late Break Measurements
  • Spray Charts
  • Batting average Against
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • Analysis by Pitch Type

HitTrax StatsCenter 

All data collected with HitTrax is securely stored in the cloud and available to players, coaches, and The Factory via the HitTrax StatsCenter membership service. Access video analysis, powerful interactive reports, and even replay sessions away from the cage via desktop and mobile apps. We offer training packages and team memberships that deliver more value to players, while keeping them connected to their instruction and progress

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