The Factory Cafe

The Factory Cafe and Coffee Roasters

The Factory Cafe and Coffee Roasters have been in business since 1985. Flavors so rich and intense, the likes of which can only be rivaled by the great coffee houses of Paris, Rome, and Vienna. Steeped in the history of providing our customer's rich roasts and a beautiful assortment of the grandest flavors, The Factory Cafe meticulously selects its own beans and roasts on premises. If you enjoy the European flavor of coffee, espresso, and cappuccinos, we suggest a visit to see the owners and staff of The Factory Cafe.

Roasting on Premises

The Factory Cafe meticulously roasts our self-sourced beans.

Relaxing Atmosphere

The space to drink espresso and cappuccino should be inviting and available.  


It's OK to Check Your Inbox

With Free WI-FI, The Factory Cafe offers several areas to kick back and still be connected to the world.

Your Time is Precious

We promise that the coffee you drink at The Factory Cafe is second to none.  We pride ourselves on serving the most delicious coffee in the area.